DAO Governance structure

UrDEX Governance structure and the role of URO Token

UrDEX Governance Structure:

UrDEX governance is designed to be democratic and transparent. The following are the key aspects of UrDEX governance:

  1. All expenditures, including engineering, will be submitted to and approved by the DAO.

  2. Treasury functions, partnerships, and incentive programs will be submitted to and approved by the DAO.

  3. Nominate contributors. Anyone can petition the DAO to engage new contributors (advisors, community members, professionals) so long as it is in the interest of the majority.

  4. Fees, features, and functionalities. The DAO will propose, control and approve trading fees, fee distribution, the listing of additional crypto assets, integration of new asset categories (forex, indices, synthetics, commodities, etc.), cross-chain expansion opportunities, and other features that are integral to the platform's success.

  5. Security. A bug bounty program and security audits are the cornerstones of operational security.

  6. Other topics or matters that are of operational and/or strategic importance.

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