Token sale Features

UrDEX Launchpad is committed to providing a secure and transparent platform for launching new crypto projects. Our unique features, including secured exits, fair funding processes, no central custody, supporting business documents, and detailed tokenomics, help mitigate risks for investors and ensure greater transparency and trust in the DeFi space.

Unique Features:

  • Exits Secured: One of the biggest risks for investors is the potential for a project to exit scam or disappear after raising funds. At UrDEXLaunch, we automatically list all projects on the UrDEX Exchange (AMM) to secure project exits. This is done through a smart contract that automatically adds raised funds to the liquidity pool.

  • Fair and Transparent Funding Process: To ensure a fair and competitive environment, all negotiations on UrDEX Launchpad are done on-chain. This ensures transparency and fairness throughout the funding process.

  • No Central Custody: Funds and tokens are managed on an escrow address automatically, protecting investors from scams and ensuring that all funds are handled securely by smart contracts.

  • Check Supporting Business Documents: We encourage all projects to provide supporting business documents such as pitch decks, team information, marketing plans, and other collateral. Investors can review these documents and see comments from other users, providing greater transparency and due diligence.

  • Detailed Tokenomics: Investors can check exit information such as listing date, listing price, and liquidity before investing in a project. Each project must also detail its hard cap and soft cap, with funds automatically returned to investors if the soft cap isn't met.

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