Loyalty Incentives

A very simple incentive mechanism: For every dollar traded on the UrDEX platform, one URL token is earned.

To foster sustainable growth, we aim to keep our community members engaged and incentivized. As part of this effort, we are proud to introduce URL loyalty tokens, which are earned by traders based on the USD volume of their converted and closed trading positions. These rewards are currently available exclusively for the Convert and Perp features. However, we have plans to expand these earning opportunities to encompass other activities and functionalities on our platform in the future. These tokens are automatically distributed and can be converted to URD tokens after a 24-hour vesting period. This incentivizes traders to keep using our platform and allows them to share in our success as we grow.

Rewards in the UrDEX ecosystem are earned through trading activity. For every $1 traded, users receive 1 URL - the Loyalty token of the platform.

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