Strategic Partnership Privileges

To encourage partners to join and make valuable contributions to the UrDEX ecosystem, we would like to introduce the UrDEX Strategic Partnership program.

UrDEX is introducing a new program for strategic partners to provide liquidity to projects and help their communities earn more stable profits. This program offers several benefits for our partners, and we are excited to help grow their communities in a groundbreaking way.

Become a strategic partner:

  1. Lock an amount of URD for a period of time to become a strategic partner and earn rewards. For example, you will need to lock at least $50k of ULDs (Urdex Liquidity Providers) value within 3 months.

  2. Partners will earn LP rewards (45%) and Strategic Partner rewards (5%), in addition to receiving more URD rewards and IDO tickets from projects.

  3. Maintain the trading volume of your community to be eligible for a weekly strategic partner fee (e.g. $50k/week).

  4. The amount of strategic partner reward you receive depends on the contribution weight of the total trading volume and the number of ULD tokens of the strategic partners. Your partner's reward (per week) will be calculated as follows: ((referrers trading volume / total trading volume in program) + (Partner ULDs / total ULDs in program)) x 2.5%.

Later incentives: Partners will be provided an exclusive page to grow and manage their community, as well as attract new users. For example:

  • Create their own collection of NFTs for the community.

  • Stake NFTs to receive rewards from partners, URD rewards, IDO tickets, trading fee reduction, and bootstrap rewards.

  • Top strategic partners will be highlighted on the projects' dashboard.

  • Copytrade features for excellent users.

  • Competitions among communities with attractive prizes will also be available.

Please note that partners will need to register for a whitelist to be able to lock ULDs. Rewards will be paid every day, and partners will start receiving rewards after a week for calculating the initial trading volume. We are honored to welcome you as a strategic partner and grow our communities together!

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