URD Utility token

URD is the utility token of the UrDEX ecosystem.

Ticker: URD Total supply: 100,000,000 Contract address: 0x842216E0aa2ae608699F7b1063F26ce6b30c5311 URD/USDT LP: 0xA8eC0aa8fe4287E768Fd382845442Fa29F2886ef

Here are several ways to earn URD:

  1. Provide liquidity to the UrDEX network by adding tokens to a liquidity pool and earning trading fees and LP rewards.

  2. Participate in staking activities, which involve locking up URD tokens to support the network and earn rewards.

  3. Complete tasks or participate in events organized by the UrDEX community to earn rewards or bounties.

  4. Refer new users to the URD network and earn referral bonuses.

  5. Trade URD tokens on supported exchanges and benefit from price appreciation or trading volume incentives.

  6. Contribute to the development of the UrDEX ecosystem through proposals, governance participation, or technical contributions, and earn recognition or compensation.

URD Allocation

  • Liquidity provider rewards are designed to bootstrap liquidity and incentivize UrDEX liquidity providers (LPs) to contribute to the ecosystem. LPs can earn rewards in the form of URD tokens by providing liquidity to UrDEX pools.

  • Community incentives are offered to drive user acquisition, user retention, and trading volume growth. These incentives may take the form of various campaigns and mechanisms to engage and reward the community.

  • The team allocation is a 4-year unlock allocation that aims to attract and retain the industry's most capable minds. The tokens will have a 4 year lockup with 6-months cliff after launch. Tokens are vested monthly. Some of the team allocation can be staked in the DAO, providing additional benefits to the ecosystem.

  • The strategic investor allocation has been set aside for external contributors and high-profile strategic partners who wish to invest in the UrDEX project. The proceeds from the sale of URD tokens will go to the UrDEX DAO Treasury to further support the ecosystem's growth and development.

These incentives and allocations demonstrate UrDEX's commitment to building a sustainable and community-driven ecosystem that benefits all its stakeholders.

URD Use cases

URD is the utility token of the UrDEX platform, and it serves a variety of purposes. These use cases include:

  1. Staking: URD holders can stake their tokens in the UrDEX DAO governance system to earn rewards. These rewards are distributed from the protocol's fees.

  2. Protocol Fee: Users who use the UrDEX platform pay fees in URD tokens. These fees are used to fund the DAO treasury, which is used to finance the development of new features and improvements.

  3. Governance: URD holders can participate in the UrDEX DAO governance system by proposing, voting on, and implementing changes to the protocol.

  4. Launchpad: The UrDEX Launchpad allows users to stake URD to participate in token pools and earn URD. The more URD a user stakes and the longer they stake, the more lottery tickets they will be eligible to receive. These lottery tickets can be used to participate in token pools.

  5. Incentive Mechanisms: The UrDEX platform uses URD to incentivize loyalty and liquidity. URD rewards are paid out to users who participate in the UrDEX Loyalty Program and to liquidity providers who deposit their tokens into UrDEX liquidity pools.

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