URD Public Sale

UrDEX is a community-driven ecosystem that has been designed to promote decentralization and interoperability. To achieve this objective, UrDEX is launching the URD token through a public sale. This sale provides a transparent and fair opportunity for the community, investors, and partners to purchase URD.

Public Sale:

The public sale of URD will account for 10.00% of the URD supply, which amounts to 10,000,000 tokens out of the total supply of 100,000,000 tokens. The sale will be conducted in a transparent and fair manner, with all participants having an equal opportunity to purchase URD.

URD Liquidity:

URD liquidity will go live within 24 hours of the sale ending. This means that those who participate in the public sale will be able to trade their URD tokens on UrDEX's decentralized exchange shortly after the sale concludes.

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