URD tokenomics

UrDEX is committed to creating a platform that is truly decentralized, transparent and community-driven. As part of this commitment, the team's incentives are fully aligned with the platform's users. In addition to this, all URD tokens allocated to the team will be time-locked for four years, ensuring the long-term commitment from all UrDEX stakeholders.

To facilitate community rewards and governance, UrDEX has two types of tokens - URD utility tokens and URO governance tokens.

  1. URD utility tokens can be earned by providing liquidity, trading, or referring new users. These tokens can be used for trading, paying fees, and participating in liquidity mining programs.

  2. URO governance tokens are earned exclusively by staking URD tokens. These tokens enable users to participate in the governance of the UrDEX platform by voting on proposals, determining platform fees, trading incentives, and staking rewards. With the URO governance tokens, the community can nominate contributors, propose new features, and vote on changes to the platform.

UrDEX believes that its community is an essential part of the platform, and as such, it is committed to empowering its users by providing them with the tools they need to participate in the governance of the platform. The use of both URD utility tokens and URO governance tokens ensures that the community has a say in the future of the platform and benefits from its success.

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