How to swap on the UrDEX exchange

UrDEX aggregator has the ability to optimize slippage, swap fees, and token prices, which offer users better token swap rates.

UrDEX aggregator’s key advantage is to offer a user better swap rates than any specific DEX can offer and to do that in the shortest possible time. Other major tasks that we offer are protecting users from price impact and reducing the probability of failed transactions.

Getting set up to trade

Before starting to trade on UrDEX, you will need a wallet that is compatible with Arbitrum Chain or Ethereum. Also, make sure that you have some Ethereum in your Arbitrum One wallet, as it is required for paying gas fees.

Trading on the UrDEX exchange

  1. Go to the UrDEX exchange page.

  2. Click on the "Connect Wallet" button to unlock your wallet. If you haven't connected your wallet to UrDEX, you can do so by clicking on the "Connect" button in the top right-hand corner.

  1. Choose the token you want to trade from the dropdown menu in the upper section. Make sure you have a sufficient amount of the chosen token in your wallet to trade with. Your balance will be shown above the token dropdown menu.

  1. Choose the token you want to receive in the lower sections above.

  2. Enter the number of tokens you want to swap in the upper section (spending amount) or the lower section (receiving amount). The other section will show the estimated amount of tokens.

  3. Review all the details of your trade, and if everything looks good, click on the "Swap" button. If you are trading a token for the first time, you may need to click on "Approve [Token Name]" to approve the token.

  1. UrDEX will redirect you to the MetaMask confirmation panel. Confirm that you agree with the transaction and the estimated gas fee, then press "Confirm".

  1. Your trade has been completed! You can check your transaction on blockchain explorer by clicking on the link shown below.

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